Income Assistance/Active Measures

Control of Information Remains at the First Nation
AIS Social Development is a comprehensive system which provides the day-to-day tool for the ongoing administration and distribution of monthly payments, special needs payments and the handling of new application/ Budget & Decisions. Control of social assistance data remains with the First Nation.

A Key Building Block of Your Active Measures Program
AIS’s powerful reporting and Case Management features provides the data collection framework and the real data that can form the basis of your Active Measures program, transitioning individual community members from Social Assistance dependency toward Employment.

Incorporates Efficiencies Requested by Users
AIS has developed efficiencies that avoids needless repetition when handling large volumes of data entry. For example, AIS will process a single payment to a common supplier (e.g. electricity supplier) on behalf of all recipients in a band, rather than processing individual payments.

Ensures Compliance and Audit Readiness
AIS supports the processes and standard reports requested by INAC/AANDC ensuring full compliance and the fulfillment of audit requirements.


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