Built Specifically for First Nations Education
To serve your needs completely, AIS ‘s educational software features are designed to accommodate unique aspects of First Nations family/demographic information, educational environment and funding arrangements.

Ensures Receipt of Full Educational Funding Entitlements
AIS provides the tool to submit, track and record payments so you receive your full entitlement for the educational services you are providing to your members.

Supports Your Active Measures Strategy
Whatever form your Active Measures strategy takes, AIS collects the data and provides meaningful reports to assist you in moving community members along the employment readiness continuum. See Income Assistance/Active Measures

“Decision Maker” Tool for Post-Secondary Approvals
The AIS Post-Secondary application tracks and manages the entire Post-Secondary student process. The unique AIS Decision Maker feature tabulates and provides a single screen with a running update of remaining available budget dollars as post secondary application approvals are finalized.

Ties to Finance Systems and AIS Membership
AIS offers the integration needed to avoid duplication of effort and ensure that administrative and financial systems share financial information and support an efficient workflow between departments.

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