Your Membership Database is a Valuable Asset

A current and accurate membership database is the basis of all services you provide to your First Nation. Chief, Council and Administration depend on reports for decision making on internal matters, for budgeting and for making formal funding requests. Having hard data at your fingertips is critical and is powerful.

Reliable and Easy for Your Staff
Detail-orientated staff with a good knowledge of the community are the key component, but AIS provides a system your staff can depend on to quickly enter data, easily retrieve data for member inquiries, and quickly generate routine reports. You can also get quick turn-around on short notice requests for unique reports . Our Help Centre is available to assist with out-of-the-ordinary and time-sensitive requests.

Better Service to Your Members
Your members depend on you to maintain important individual and family information. Data security and confidentiality are important and AIS’s features promote First Nations principles of OCAP (Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession) meaning that First Nations own, protect and control how information is used.

Standalone Operation or Easily Integrated with AIS Applications
AIS’s structure is designed to accommodate a community’s preference for either a standalone Membership system or a system fully integrated with your other AIS applications to promote consistency of data and avoid duplication of staff effort.

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