AIS: Professional Software Built for First Nations

AIS is a suite of software applications that:

  • Provides First Nations’ leadership, administrators, program managers and staff with a dependable, easy-to-use, technology-based productivity tool to carry out their responsibilities in a hectic workplace
  • Provides a professional database system to efficiently collect, store, process and access large amounts of data for communities that have outgrown paper and spreadsheet-based methods
  • Assists you to better serve your members by being able to call up information efficiently and record the services provided
  • Strengthens decision making, strategic planning and funding requests through readily-available, meaningful reports from each program area
  • Supports the First Nations principles of Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession of your own data
  • Integrates with your financial systems to ensure that the financial transactions are handled in an efficient manner and are audit-ready
  • Is backed by the full professional software resources of Advanced DataSystems Ltd., including a team of professional software developers, experienced trainers, project managers and a fully resourced Help Centre

AIS was developed as a citizen-centred system model. AIS’s approach allows the First Nation the flexibility to implement one of the AIS applications for a single program area, implement multiple AIS applications on a standalone basis, or implement multiple AIS applications on an integrated basis.

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